Thursday 29 April 2010

N4E1 Pop-Up Shop Openning - April 27th 2010

What an amazing event!! So much support from our celeb friends and HK media.. And of course, over 100 of our friends/guests crammed into our modest little 1200sqft store. =) Thank you all SO MUCH! The flashin' lights, the music, the celebrities, the booze, the fashion... We hope you had as good a time as we did!

So much press today about the event. So exciting!! Will post all the coverage as soon as we have them all collected, but in the meantime, here are some pics from this epic evening!


Monday 26 April 2010

MC Jin in N4E1 @ Addiction

MC Jin reppin' N4E1 in an interview and photoshoot for Apple Daily. Guess where? That's right. This is all taking place at N4E1's new pop-up shop @ Addiction!

N4E1 Pop-Up Shop @ Addiction

Who: N4E1 - Not For Everyone
What: Pop-Up Shop Openning
When: TONIGHT - Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
Where: Addiction - 1/F, 23 Lan Fong Rd, Causeway Bay
Why: Because their sh!t is FLY. Because we like to party. And because we can.

Party tonight, Open for biz tomorrow. Come check it out!
HK EXCLUSIVE STYLES - Available Only @ Addiction!!
Their website:

Thanks to our sponsors:

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Calling All Dog Lovers!

All right all you dog lovers out here in Hong Kong, time to show just how much you love our furry friends! HK Dog Rescue has to leave their Pok Fu Lam home BY APRIL 30TH. Their original plan to move to a new place in Tung Chung fell through (place was unsuitable for use as a kennel), and as a result, all their dogs will be homeless when they have to move at the end of this month!

This is a letter from the founder of HK Dog Rescue describing their dire situation and pleading for us to open our hearts, homes, wallets, and thoughts to these poor soon-to-be homeless doggies:

If you have read my recent blog posts or today’s SCMP story on HKDR’s current situation, you will be aware that the land near Tung Chung that we had been planning to move to has turned out not to be suitable for use as a kennel.

All of our focus and efforts over the past few months have been on building a new Homing Centre there, and now we are left with nowhere to go. Swire Properties have confirmed that 30th April is the final deadline for us to leave our current Pokfulam Kennels site, which means that as from the end of this month HKDR – and that means all of the dogs – will be homeless.

We need help, and urgently. If you are thinking about adopting a dog, please come to our kennels and have a look at those that are waiting there. If you can foster until we sort a new site out (and we don’t know how long that will take), please offer a temporary home to one of our dogs. If you can donate money to help us pay for private boarding, or sponsor a particular dog’s boarding costs, please let us know.

We have just two weeks to find a place for our dogs. Please, please HELP. Send out this message to all of your friends, work colleagues or database if you have one.

We also need a place to build our planned Homing Centre. There must be someone who knows of a suitable site, so help us get the word out across Hong Kong.

For adoption enquiries please click here
Fostering click here
Donations/Sponsorship click here

PLEASE HELP! and thank you.

Sally Andersen (Founder, Hong Kong Dog Rescue)

This truly hits close to home. We are all dog owners & lovers, and we know how much potential all dogs have to grow and become such an integral part of one's life. The companionship is like no other. We hope you feel the same, and are able to help out in any which way! We will definitely be doing our part.

Adopt, Foster, Donate... Let's keep each other posted on how we helped =)

Addiction loves Lesley Chiang 姜麗文!

Lesley, one half of Hong Kong's hottest up-and-coming pop sensations Benji & Lesley (the offspring of famed HK veteran actor Chun Pui, aka. Paul 哥), loves to shop at Addiction! And we love HER. We adore seeing sexy new stars workin' it (snap!) on stage/tv/webcasts, especially when they're wearing our clothes! :)

Check out and support this brother&sister, song-writing, singing & dancing pair of mega talents: Benji&Lesley facebook page

PJ Salvage @ Sogo -- Only 1 week left!

Come see us at Sogo (2/F)! Newest PJ styles, Sogo exclusive deals -- Limited time only! Call/Msg us for details or just stop on by ;)

PJ Salvage in Sogo News:

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Hey Kids, what sound does a horse make??

Let my girl BM show you..

Justin "I'm Sexy" Timberlake & Jamie "The Sizzla" Foxx - NBA Playoffs 2010

There's nothing we love more than 2 sexy men, in suits, shedding knowledge on the game of basketball. one of those things. Mmmm..You can thank us later. ;)

PJ Salvage @ SOGO!

PJ Salvage now available @ Sogo! For a limited time only, visit Sogo's 2/F to find PJ Salvage's newest styles!

Here's why you want to come see us at Sogo:

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Here's a peek at a few of our newest styles =)

Alternative Apparel - Spring '10 - I Kind Of Love You

This is Alternative Apparel's Spring '10 Campaign video - I Kind Of Love You. The video spawned from a very special photo collage project of the same name that they launched with Flaunt Magazine.

Here are a few words from AA:
"Inspired in part by the famed romance between cultural icons Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg and the overall vibrant allure of 1960s French pop culture, Alternative’s “I Kind of Love You” campaign video evokes a casual luxury and effortless cool that is synonymous with the premier brand’s fashion-forward, vintage-soft clothing and accessories. From music, art and cinema to the unforgettable icons themselves, the 60s French pop scene was abundantly rich in style and creativity; it was a cultural moment in time that was all about spontaneity, authenticity and comfort—both inside and out. Featuring the latest Alternative fashions for women and men, the film was shot in L.A.’s scenic Laurel Canyon neighborhood."

Enjoy the vid! I kind of love it ;) 

Come grab your Alternative @ Addiction! =)

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Only in Japan......

Really, how hard is it to give your beloved pet a bath?!? We've really resorted to throwing our loving, loyal, devoted furry friends, who we like to carry with us in our purses and claim that they're our "babies", into washing machines!? Our homies over at PETA and Animal Rights must be going apesh*t over this:

That, my dear Addicts, is an All-In-One Pet Washing Machine. It shampoos, rinses, and dries your pet in 33 minutes, and only costs about US$5.25. Convenient? Sure! Cheap? Yes! Absolutely traumatizing for your pet? Ummmm, just watch this video right here:

"Spa Day" For The Kitteh

I, for one, am toootally opposed to this invention, and will never bring my "baby" to Joyful Honda (Tokyo) to try this one out...ever. Would you?

Thursday 1 April 2010

Eason Chan - Johnny Walker Keep Walking DUO Concert - March 31st 2010

We spent the night swooning over the sickly yet still amazingly in-tune and always fabulous Eason Chan last night. I am tirelessly amazed by how talented singers can belt out a full setlist of 20 songs for nights on end, let alone during a nasty case of the flu! I guess that's why he's the superstar and, well, I'm not. =P

The evening was as fabulous as expected, and I actually enjoyed the fact that his setlist was almost all slow songs. Definitely a change of pace from the regular hyperactive insanity displayed at his shows (and at Sammi Cheng's! Hot damn, did you see her hysterics!? That was one high energy show; it was as if the whole stadium had red bull for dinner!). I was most impressed by the production of the whole show. Meticulous attention to detail, full of abstract and fantastical stage design, fun costumes, and big big wigs!

Nice one!

(I'd like to apologize in advance for my poor photo-taking skills =P)