Wednesday 21 April 2010

Calling All Dog Lovers!

All right all you dog lovers out here in Hong Kong, time to show just how much you love our furry friends! HK Dog Rescue has to leave their Pok Fu Lam home BY APRIL 30TH. Their original plan to move to a new place in Tung Chung fell through (place was unsuitable for use as a kennel), and as a result, all their dogs will be homeless when they have to move at the end of this month!

This is a letter from the founder of HK Dog Rescue describing their dire situation and pleading for us to open our hearts, homes, wallets, and thoughts to these poor soon-to-be homeless doggies:

If you have read my recent blog posts or today’s SCMP story on HKDR’s current situation, you will be aware that the land near Tung Chung that we had been planning to move to has turned out not to be suitable for use as a kennel.

All of our focus and efforts over the past few months have been on building a new Homing Centre there, and now we are left with nowhere to go. Swire Properties have confirmed that 30th April is the final deadline for us to leave our current Pokfulam Kennels site, which means that as from the end of this month HKDR – and that means all of the dogs – will be homeless.

We need help, and urgently. If you are thinking about adopting a dog, please come to our kennels and have a look at those that are waiting there. If you can foster until we sort a new site out (and we don’t know how long that will take), please offer a temporary home to one of our dogs. If you can donate money to help us pay for private boarding, or sponsor a particular dog’s boarding costs, please let us know.

We have just two weeks to find a place for our dogs. Please, please HELP. Send out this message to all of your friends, work colleagues or database if you have one.

We also need a place to build our planned Homing Centre. There must be someone who knows of a suitable site, so help us get the word out across Hong Kong.

For adoption enquiries please click here
Fostering click here
Donations/Sponsorship click here

PLEASE HELP! and thank you.

Sally Andersen (Founder, Hong Kong Dog Rescue)

This truly hits close to home. We are all dog owners & lovers, and we know how much potential all dogs have to grow and become such an integral part of one's life. The companionship is like no other. We hope you feel the same, and are able to help out in any which way! We will definitely be doing our part.

Adopt, Foster, Donate... Let's keep each other posted on how we helped =)

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