Monday 15 March 2010

McQueen's Farewell

Here are pictures from the late, great Lee Alexander McQueen's final runway collection, showcased in a private fashion show during Paris fashion week. True to form, McQueen's unpredictability churned out this rich, aristocratic collection of silks and jacquards matched with crocodile skin shoes with hand-carved wooden soles. One could call them...period pieces. Dramatic and flawlessly tailored, each garment contains meticulous details of hand-pleated materials, while prints of artworks by Bottecelli, Jean Fouquet and Hans Memling were woven, printed and embroidered onto the pieces.

Medieval influences, impressions and symbols of the afterlife, ancient Asian flavor.

A true visionary, gone too soon.

Photos by Chris Moore/Catwalking via Getty Images

"In this collection Alexander - Lee - McQueen showed his sensitivity to history, his powers of research, his imagination, his technical skills and his love of women, often misinterpreted or misunderstood, but here evident in every fold and feather."

"As usual, McQueen's work blows you away. The push-pull between dark and light, anger and love, beauty and ugliness, madness and sanity has the awful power to drive a man to suicide, as we've learned, but it was this that made his work so compelling. You might very well be horrified by one of the pieces, but you can never look away."

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