Wednesday 7 April 2010

Only in Japan......

Really, how hard is it to give your beloved pet a bath?!? We've really resorted to throwing our loving, loyal, devoted furry friends, who we like to carry with us in our purses and claim that they're our "babies", into washing machines!? Our homies over at PETA and Animal Rights must be going apesh*t over this:

That, my dear Addicts, is an All-In-One Pet Washing Machine. It shampoos, rinses, and dries your pet in 33 minutes, and only costs about US$5.25. Convenient? Sure! Cheap? Yes! Absolutely traumatizing for your pet? Ummmm, just watch this video right here:

"Spa Day" For The Kitteh

I, for one, am toootally opposed to this invention, and will never bring my "baby" to Joyful Honda (Tokyo) to try this one out...ever. Would you?

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