Thursday 1 April 2010

Eason Chan - Johnny Walker Keep Walking DUO Concert - March 31st 2010

We spent the night swooning over the sickly yet still amazingly in-tune and always fabulous Eason Chan last night. I am tirelessly amazed by how talented singers can belt out a full setlist of 20 songs for nights on end, let alone during a nasty case of the flu! I guess that's why he's the superstar and, well, I'm not. =P

The evening was as fabulous as expected, and I actually enjoyed the fact that his setlist was almost all slow songs. Definitely a change of pace from the regular hyperactive insanity displayed at his shows (and at Sammi Cheng's! Hot damn, did you see her hysterics!? That was one high energy show; it was as if the whole stadium had red bull for dinner!). I was most impressed by the production of the whole show. Meticulous attention to detail, full of abstract and fantastical stage design, fun costumes, and big big wigs!

Nice one!

(I'd like to apologize in advance for my poor photo-taking skills =P)

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