Thursday 3 June 2010

A person in a car in a boat in the ocean...

Presenting...The Strand Craft 122


Should I take my Superboat or my Supercar today? Meh, might as well take BOTH! 

As if luxury boats weren't lavishly expensive enough, there now exists this sleek superboat with storage enough for its very own car! The Strand Craft 122 is equipped with twin Rolls-Royce engines and an extra Booster engine giving it 14000 horsepower combined, AND an 880 horsepower, V12 engine car. The style and make of the car is still unknown, but you can be sure it ain't gonna be no lemon!

Hmmm...I wonder what comes out of the trunk of the car??


One of Gizmodo's readers took the time to create this gem, and commented "Looks like a Cayman shitting a 996." haha!

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