Monday 1 February 2010

With A Shirt Like This..Who Needs Pants?

Fans of fun graphic tees, I've got something real special for you!
If brands like Junkfood, Chaser, & David&Goliath haven't gotten you hooked on quirky, funny tees yet, check out SnorgTees! They've been around since 2004 and has TAKEN OVER the online tee shopping empire with their unique & hilarious, pop-culture inspired tees. They have over 200 tee & hoodie styles stocked for men, women & kids, so you're bound to find a perfect one for you or your loved ones! SO GOOD.
And guess what aspiring tee designers, if you've got a brilliant t-shirt idea and need a canvas to bring your idea to life, send it on in to SnorgTees and they will PAY YOU & give you a free tee should they decide to use your idea! Check it out!

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