Wednesday 19 May 2010

Rainy Days Ahead...

Thunderstorms and downpours from today until the end of this long weekend...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Where's the sun, Hong Kong?!

Alas, we can't beat Mother Nature, and if you can't beat 'em, what're you gonna do? Make it colorful and fun!!

Rainboots are the best way to brighten up a gloomy, wet, tropically rainy day. Go bright or go home, people!

Now that your feet are covered, what do you do with all your parts north of there?? Here are a few of our favorite "rainy day fashion" tips from :

Shorts are a great way to stay as dry as possible. Water gets on your legs, you can just dry them off instead of living in your rain-soaked jeans all day! They look cute with rainboots too. Throw on a tee, a windbreaker or any other water-proof zip-up and a pair of bright rubber boots and you're good to go!

Don't be afraid to break out your dresses on a rainy day! With the same concept as shorts, it prevents you from having to sit with your jeans or pants glued to your legs all day. I love the color combo in this picture above. The yellow jacket makes everyone happy and the green boots are super funky! And I want that colorfully polka-dotted umbrella. So cute!

This one is a little more tame but is still uber cute. One great way to wear a denim jacket! Although in Hong Kong you might want to go with a denim shirt instead of a jacket. The thinner material would work way better in this heavy, sticky, hot weather! Notice the clouds on the inside of the umbrella? Ahhh the things you can do to turn your own frown upside down on a rainy day.. =)

Splishy Splashy!

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  1. er... I like to know where can I buy a pair of colour rainboots mentioned in your article dated 19th May?