Friday 5 February 2010

Reasons To Wear Red This February

Year of the Tiger! Everyone knows that red is THE color for Chinese New Year.. red packets, red lanterns, red decor, red firecrackers... But how many of you know it's because it is believed that red will scare away evil spirits and bad fortune? Legend has it that in the olden days people wore red during CNY to scare off the mythical beast, Nien, who would go to villages on the 1st day of New Year and devour all livestock, crops, & even villagers, especially children. Then one day people saw this beast get scared off by a child wearing red, and so concluded that Nien was scared of that color. Mythology aside though, red is also the emblem of joy, and symbolizes virtue, truth, and sincerity. So don't forget to wear a bit of red when you're making your rounds of New Year's visits!
Good ol' Saint Valentine -- Ahhh the international day of L.O.V.E.. orrr just another excuse to get all dolled up and go on the lovely, romantic dinner with your man. =) Presents, sexy outfit, good food, nice bottle of wine, celebration of the warm & fuzzy feeling in your heart..what's not to love!? Get your red dress on, girl!

Healthy Heart Awareness movement! February is National Heart Month for many organizations dedicated to healthy heart awareness across the globe. To raise awareness these organizations celebrate Wear Red Day sometime during the month of February. A couple of outfits in the US have deemed the first Friday of February (this year it was Feb 5th) as their Wear Red Day, and the British Heart Foundation celebrates theirs on February 26th. These movements are out to spread the word that "Heart disease doesn't care what you wear -- It's the #1 killer of women." This year on February 11th, The Heart Truth will be stealing the hearts of fashionistas and workin' the runway at New York fashion week with the debut of their Red Dress Collection 2010. These designer dresses will then be auctioned off online in partnership with Clothes Off Our Back. To bid on the dresses, visit

Go Red for Women - American Heart Association -
British Heart Foundation -
The Heart Truth -

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